Inmate makes kill threat against judge who sentenced him

by NZ Lawyer18 May 2016
Forty-eight year old Michael James Stark has threatened to kill a Dunedin judge who put him in prison.

Stark, who made the threat during an interview at the Otago Corrections Facility in March, the Otago Daily Times reported.

He appeared before the Dunedin District Court by audiovisual link yesterday, admitting to the charge, explaining that he made the threat because the magistrate had used bulling techniques towards his girlfriend.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of seven years in jail.

A doctor and a corrections officer were in the room when the defendant spoke about his recent court case.  According to the policy summary, his demeanour changed and he clench his fists, his voice began to rise.

He told them that he was angry towards the judge who put him in prison.

The summary said that Stark stated that he knew where the judge lived and that when released; he would “get a gun and kill him”.  He repeated the threats when questioned by the corrections officer.

Judge Dominic Flately convicted Stake and remanded him in custody for sentence next month.