Ince & Co names first London head after senior partner moves to Asia

by Sol Dolor20 Oct 2017
Following a major move of Ince & Co’s international senior partner to Asia, the firm has named its inaugural London head.

Andrew Jameson, the firm’s human resources director, has been named as the firm’s London leader. The appointment comes after the firm announced that Jan Heuvels is relocating to Hong Kong.

Jameson is a former Royal Navy officer. He was also once the Navy Board’s head of legal services and general counsel.

Heuvels moves to Asia as the firm’s clients are growing in region, particularly in the transport, trade, energy and infrastructure, and insurance sectors, the firm said.

“My relocation to Hong Kong is simply about playing to our strengths,” Heuvels said. “Our established presence in Asia, coupled with our focus on sectors of strategic importance to clients with interests in the region, give us a strong foundation for future growth. I will be responsible for helping to drive that growth, while maintaining my role as international senior partner.”

David Beaves, Ince & Co’s Hong Kong managing partner, said that Asia has long been strategically important to many of the firm’s clients.

“We opened our first Asian office in Hong Kong in 1979 to assist those clients with interests in the region,” Beaves said. “China’s growing influence on the international stage, most notably through its Belt & Road Initiative, continues to further increase Asia’s importance. We are excited about the growth prospects that this presents, not just in Asia, but across our international network and look forward to Jan’s relocation.”