Husband-and-wife open resort firm

by Hannah Norton08 Apr 2015
Not many people could work every day alongside their other half. But for two Queenstown lawyers with an aligned values and complementary areas of law, it makes for a sensible decision.

Queenstown lawyer Dale Lloyd sums up her first week in partnership with her husband John Troon in four words: “All good so far.”

The pair opened the doors to their new Queenstown firm, Lloyd Troon Law, last Wednesday.

She’s an experienced civil and criminal litigator and family law specialist, and he’s a commercial and property law specialist who also works in trusts, estates and asset planning – areas of law which can complement each other well, Lloyd told NZLawyer.

“It’s quite nice to have that resource available. For example, in relationship property, business issues will often arise.

“I do employment law, and in John’s work there is often sale and purchase of businesses where you need to address employment issues – so we’ve got good synergies.”

Not only that, but the pair share the same values, she said.

“It’s a really good situation to be in. We work extremely well together and are passionate about what we do.”

Both lawyers have been practicing law in the resort town for almost 30 years each, and previously worked together as partners at South Island law firm Mactodd.

Lloyd first took the plunge on her own – setting up Dale Lloyd Law in April 2013 in the premises now used for Lloyd Troon Law – because she wanted to take a different and fresh approach to law.

“I think we can utilise technology more these days and make it easier for people to contact us, be in touch with us, and receive advice,” she said.

“Law is very-much a process-driven profession. I am committed to being responsive to what people need, regardless of their situation.

“People don’t have to be sitting in the office talking to us – we often deal with clients over the phone or on Skype, without having even met them.”

The firm’s main goal of 2015 was to become established as the go-to practice for businesses and clients in the area, she said.

Troon, who has been practicing for 41 years, said for him it’s about a having successful focus and a more direct influence on the practice and the outcomes.

“As lawyers, we draw on a wide range of skills that are honed on a daily basis and we apply these to the needs of the client.”

Their offices are located in the hub of Queenstown on St Peters Close.

 “As I sit looking out at Cecil Peak and the wonderful sky, it’s pretty nice actually,” Lloyd told NZLawyer.

“It’s a great place to practice law, it’s a beautiful environment, and when we have to go out and see our clients, it’s no hardship to have to go and do that when you’re in this gorgeous environment.”

Although there is one downside to working in Queenstown, she conceded.

“It has its challenges with the postal service these days.”

The husband-and-wife duo is joined by practice manager and legal executive Sarah Swale and personal assistant Keri Chisholm. The team has long connections with each other – Swale’s first job was with Troon, as was Chisholm’s with Lloyd.