How can we stop women leaving law?

by NZ Lawyer11 Jul 2018

There’s an alarming exodus of women from the legal industry once they reach a certain career point. Needless to say, this isn’t good. A lack of strong and talented female leaders means that the New Zealand legal sector is in danger of stagnation.

A group of industry experts are getting together to propose possible solutions at a session at Auckland’s upcoming Women in Law Summit – a powerful day-long event that aims to tackle the many issues faced by women in the sector.

‘How can we stop women leaving the law?’ is an in-depth analysis of the topic fronted by industry thought leaders Ann Brennan, Chief Legal Advisor, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Steph Dyhrberg, Partner, Dyhrberg Drayton, Helen Mackay, Director, Juno Legal and Dr Maria A. Pozza, Associate, Govett Quilliam.

They’ll be looking at whether the traditional partnership structure limit women’s ability to succeed, how unconscious bias impacts the way women communicate, how the frustration of women in law can be acknowledged and addressed, and whether New Zealand’s legal profession can cope with this brain drain.

The Women in Law Summit takes place at the Cordis Auckland on Tuesday 18 September.