Here are the top three diversity issues of growing concern for NZ organisations

by Sol Dolor10 May 2017
Organisations around New Zealand are increasingly concerned about three diversity issues, according to a new survey.

The latest New Zealand Diversity Survey from Diversity Works New Zealand found that bias, gender, and ethnicity outpaced the growth of concern about other issues. However, other diversity issues lead over the three when it comes to organisations having formal policies or programs that tackle them.

According to the twice-yearly survey’s April results, bias was the fastest-growing concern, with 48.3% of organisations surveyed saying that it is an important diversity issue to their organisation. This is up from 30.1% a half year ago. Next is gender, with 45%, up from 28.9% in October 2016. The third-fastest growing issue is ethnicity, with 41.4% of survey respondents saying it was an important issue. That’s an increase from 27% in the last survey.

However, the issues that most organisations have formal policies or programs for are wellness and bullying and harassment, which around 80% of firms said they had formal programs for.

The following is a list of diversity issues, ranked by how many organisations deemed them important:

Here are how many of the surveyed firms had formal programs for each particular issue:

The study surveyed 302 organisations last month, with 54.3% in the private sector and 45.7% in the public sector.

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