Here are the countries NZ lawyers considering moving overseas in 2017 are eyeing

by Sol Dolor30 Dec 2016
Two countries lead others as places of interest for New Zealand lawyers who are considering moving overseas to work in 2017.
According to the Salary Guide 2016 report conducted by the New Zealand La Society and Hays Legal, most of the respondents who signified interest in setting up shop outside the country next year are considering England and Australia.
Asked whether they are considering moving overseas to work in the next 12 months, 14% of private practice lawyers and 9% of in-house lawyers answered yes.
Among private practitioners, 70% said they are eyeing England and 32% said Australia. In the question where multiple choices were permitted 26% said Europe. Meanwhile, others and Hong Kong each garnered 13% while Singapore and Dubai got 9% each.
Meanwhile, among in-house counsels, 44% said England while 39% indicated Australia. Next was other with 23%, Europe with 17%, Singapore with 6% and Hong Kong and Dubai with 5% apiece.
Asked whether they are considering new roles, 27% of private practice lawyers said yes. Among in-house lawyers, it was 32%.
The survey also found that most lawyers in private practice saw more than 10% in pay raise this year or none at all. In-house counsel were also found to be convinced to stay in their current organisations because of work-life balance and their colleagues.

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