Global legal outsourcer projects rapid growth

by Samantha Woodhill06 Apr 2016
It seems as though all lawyers are looking more and more at driving efficiency, as international players and NewLaw keep the market saturated with lawyers. 

Since entering the Australian market back in 2011, global legal outsourcing company Integreon’s client base has grown by 80 per cent, representing nearly half of all work outsourced to the company’s delivery centres in India.  They expect this upward trend to continue.

“Such growth is one of the reasons for the recent expansion of Integreon’s operations in India,” said CEO Bob Gogel.

“We have responded with significant investments in our facilities and technology infrastructure, including nine new or expanded facilities over the last 18 months, as well as placing greater focus on how we are attracting the best talent from across the legal and business fields.”

Gogel said that technology systems quality checking to a high standard means the service can turn around work fairly quickly, but the method of checking varies based on the type of work.

“Generally we are renowned for our quality,” he said.

But it’s not all about sending work offshore and in fact, much of it isn’t.  Rather, Integreon’s approach is to come up with a whole efficiency strategy.

“Our approach in working with clients is to be highly collaborative, with the ultimate goal being to ensure our client’s success,” he said.

The biggest factor in the rapidly growing service is innovation in firms and the interest of corporate legal departments, which make up the bulk of Integreon’s client base.

“We continue to have strong relationships with our law firm clients, but corporate legal departments now play a more active role in the procurement and management of outside legal services,” Gogel said.

“Underlying this trend is increasing client interest in driving efficiency and process innovation. Integreon is very much focused on helping our clients to accomplish these things.”