Four ways to save on overhead costs

by NZ Lawyer19 May 2018

A lot has been said about technology – its disruptive impacts and how artificial intelligence could one day replace lawyers.

But technology can also help firms save time and money.

At the Legal Tech Summit Auckland this June, experts will share how technology can be harnessed to help firms improve efficiencies, attract and retain clients and cut costs.

Four tech talks will delve into the use of technology in law:

  • Tech talk 1: Technological trends in the legal profession – what are the trends affecting lawyers and why firms should be investing in new technologies
  • Tech talk 2: Artificial intelligence and clients: A new way of working – using intelligent client-facing technology to attract and retain clients
  • Tech talk 3: Cost-effective tech solutions for firms – automating workflows, becoming a paper-less practice while preserving paper files, capturing copy and print costs and converting them into revenue and saving on storing and processing files
  • Tech talk 4: Improving process and efficiencies with technology – using technology to enhance your innovation processes

“The Tech Talks in the Legal Tech Summit have been designed to provide law firms with practical information on how technology can be used to improve their bottom-line, attract and retain clients and increase efficiencies,” says Emma Marrett, event manager.

“The Summit itself focuses on the changes that we are seeing in the legal landscape, including AI, blockchain, and smart contracts – all new technologies impacting on the way legal professionals work. Our experts have been hand-picked to provide tips and guides on how to navigate this new world.”

The Legal Tech Summit is being held at the Hilton Auckland on Thursday 28 June. Find out more and book in here.