Environment and resource heavy-weight makes top-tier move

by Samantha Woodhill21 Sep 2016
MinterEllisonRuddWatts has appointed a new Environment team co-leader, resource management expert Bianca Tree.

Tree said it’s Auckland’s unprecedented population growth that’s fuelling residential, infrastructure and business development, creating work in the sector.

“The housing sector is still in catch up mode, and residential development will continue at pace in the form of Special Housing Areas, Greenfield development, and residential apartments,” she told NZ Lawyer.

“A number of significant infrastructure projects have also been rolling out, or are going through the approval process. These significant projects generate work in our area, not only in the consenting phase, but also by providing impetus for other development to occur.”

Tree has advised some of the country’s most significant infrastructure companies, including submissions on the Auckland Unitary Plan where she played a role in key provisions and the zone framework. She brings with her 16 years of experience.

Looking forward

Over the next 12-month period, Tree said she predicts the sector will continue to boom.

“Many landowners have been waiting for land zoning and development potential to be confirmed under the Auckland Unitary Plan,” she said.

“With the Unitary Plan becoming operative in part later this month it will provide the certainty needed for projects to proceed.”

She added the sector is likely to see a change in use of Auckland’s major centres, where they may have been historically retail, offices, accommodation and entertainment activities will start to emerge.

“These major centres will have a critical role as Auckland intensifies,” she said.