Crown Law celebrates Shakespeare in Counsel in Concert

by Sol Dolor14 Nov 2016
Crown Law will be celebrating the life of Shakespeare while helping the Child Cancer Foundation with this year’s Crown Law presents: Counsel in Concert - A Celebration of Shakespeare in Music.
To be held on Tuesday, 13 December at St Andrew's on the Terrace, Wellington, the event will mark 2016 as the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.
This year's program will feature music inspired by Shakespeare, including Falstaff and the Fairies by Vaughan Williams, Prokofiev's Montagues and Capulets and songs from West Side Story.
Counsel in Concert is based at Crown Law and has been running since 2009. The choir and orchestra are comprised of lawyers and other legal professionals from throughout the Wellington region as well as law staff from Crown Law, augmented by members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Wellington.

“Shakespeare was not a lawyer but loved to include law in his plays. Legal references appear throughout his work.  One of the wonderful things about Shakespeare is the universality of his themes. This applies to his legal themes. Justice, mercy, natural law, precedent and advocacy are just a few example,” Crown Law says.
“While the most famous legal scene is surely the trial in The Merchant of Venice, there are many others. Shakespeare was a keen commentator on society and had a lot to say about legal systems, both good and bad. In the field of Law and Literature, Shakespeare is the number one most studied subject.”

Sponsors of the event who makes sure all proceeds go to the Child Cancer Foundationare: Simpson Grierson, Thomson Reuters, Tripe Matthews Feist, Greg Kelly Law, Rachael Dewar Law, Lambton Chambers Barristers, Lambton Goods, New Zealand Law Society, Fyfe & Doherty, Sue Brown Solutions, Duncan Cotterill and WCM Legal.

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