Crazed crooner held after defying judge’s order to stop serenading sweetheart

by Sol Dolor25 Jan 2017
A man was held after continuing to sing in open court, defying a judge’s order to refrain from doing so.

According to a report from Stuff, a 33-year-old man with a history with the courts was remanded into custody at the Christchurch District Court yesterday. Paul Johnson, the man’s lawyer, noted his client faced Judge Stephen O’Driscoll for charges of drink driving, dangerous driving, causing injury, and breach of prison-release conditions.

While his lawyer was arguing in open court, the man reportedly saw his girlfriend. Not content just trying to signal and talk to her, the man broke out in song, defying judge O’Driscoll’s order to stop flirting in court.

He was reportedly belting out the Frankie Valli song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You," even after being led out of the court to the holding cells.

After his lawyer apologised for the situation, the judge reportedly said: “It's not your fault, Mr Johnson. He’s just a bad singer.” 

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