Court-concussed lawyer sparks security review

by Samantha Woodhill06 Nov 2015
The Law Society is seeking a review of court security after a lawyer took a mobile phone to the head, resulting in a concussion. 

The Crown prosecutor was struck by the phone during court proceedings during a bail hearing in Nelson on Monday and has been off work since.

The phone, believed to have been thrown at the prosecutor by a 19-year-old woman sitting in the public gallery, broke on impact, according to a report by 3 News.

“Any serious incident such as this must be followed with a comprehensive reassessment of security levels and measures,” said Law Society vice-president Mark Wilton.

While the Law Society said it isn’t blaming the security staff for the incident, they are pushing for a review.

“The freedom of lawyers to appear in court and to participate in our justice system without the fear that they will be assaulted or injured is extremely important,” Wilton said.

The woman who allegedly threw the phone has been charged with assault and will appear in Nelson District Court on Monday over the incident.