Court user survey findings ‘generally positive’

by Sol Dolor14 Feb 2018

Overall satisfaction with services and facilities in the country’s courts continues to be high, a study by the Ministry of Justice has found.

A majority of respondents (81%) to the survey conducted last year said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with services and facilities.

The ministry said that the most important driver of court user satisfaction, which was “feeling safe,” rated high, with 90% of respondents saying they felt safe in the country’s courts. The study also found that 90% of respondents observed security staff at the court entrance, while 15% observed court security in the court room. A total of 83% said that security staff were approachable.

Respondents of the survey said that start and finish times of hearings is an important measure for them. Fifty-six percent said that they were satisfied or fairly satisfied with the convenience of the court hearing start and finish times.

There was also a difference in satisfaction depending on the type of court visit. Those who are less frequent visitors, older, in paid employment or retired, visiting to deal with a fine or reparation, or attending a Youth Court case tend to be more satisfied. Christchurch court users are also especially satisfied, the report said.

Less satisfied court users were likely to be frequent visitors, unemployed, accused of an offence, visiting for criminal or youth or traffic cases, or those visiting to take part in a hearing or a case.

Since 2014, overall satisfaction has increased for Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch courts, the report said.

The survey gathered 2,044 responses from the District Courts of Auckland, Manukau, North Shore, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

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