Corporate partner set to launch major legal disruptor

by Samantha Woodhill09 Mar 2016
High-flying corporate lawyer Gene Turner has given up his day job to found LawHawk, a cloud-based legal document tool.

The tool allows lawyers to generate customised legal documents in minutes, limiting the manual and time-intensive process of drafting and reviewing, The NZ Herald reported.

Formally a partner at Buddle Findlay, Turner said he himself has experienced the frustrations of producing documents at a significant cost.

“LawHawk's essentially the tools I wish I had when I was in practice, and how I think most lawyers will want and need to work,” he told The Herald.  

“In many ways, it's similar to what Xero has done for accountants, freeing them up to become valuable business advisors, do higher margin work and enjoy their work more.”

While there are currently other tools automating legal documents, Turner said the customisation is limited.

Set to launch in May, Turner expects the company to grow into a major disrupter in the NZ legal market.

“Because it's entirely based in the cloud, LawHawk doesn't have the same constraints to growth applying to a traditional legal business selling time,” he said.

“It can be as big as LawHawk's customers want it to be.”