Clyde & Co hires Kennedys aviation team; Law firm hired to sue Barack Obama

by NZ Lawyer27 Aug 2014
Clyde & Co hires aviation team from Kennedys
A team from Kennedys Singapore office has been hired by Clyde & Co. The team is headed by partner David Johnston of legacy Gates & Partners; he’s joined by three lawyers from Kennedys. Johnston recently acted for Malaysian Airlines in relation to the firm’s two disasters this year.
Baker & Hostetler act in case against US President
Republicans in the US House of Representatives have hired law firm Baker & Hostetler at US$500 per hour to represent them in their lawsuit against Barack Obama. The action surrounds the implementation of America’s Affordable Healthcare Act also known as ‘Obamacare’ and says that the President did not have the legal authority to introduce the Act in the way that he did. According to the Wall Street Journal, the President’s Democratic Party have dismissed the action by their opponents as a political stunt and accused the Republicans of wasting public money in bringing the action.
How to survive in a big law firm
Legal career blogger Harrison Barnes says that the years immediately after leaving law school could be the best of your career in terms of prestige and earnings. He says that those joining big law firms may never earn as much money again, allowing for inflation. Barnes says that after leaving a large firm the future can be less than rosy and many lawyers choose to leave the profession. In his blog about keeping a job at a big law firm he says that some of the key things include billing lots of hours; ideally above 2,5000, and sticking to the ‘golden rule’ of arriving at work before the partners and not leaving until they’ve gone!
Services sector slows but is optimistic
A study of the business services sector in the UK shows that optimism is high despite a slowing of business in the three months to August. The CBI survey reported a drop in business volumes and profitability but this followed a number of record highs in the previous quarter. Hiring across the sector including the legal profession saw the highest levels in seven years.