Christchurch justice precinct goes high-tech with new Spark deal

by Sol Dolor28 Apr 2017
The Ministry of Justice and Spark have promised that wireless collaboration and flexible working will be available for government personnel from the first day the new Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct opens.

The ministry and the telco have signed an agreement to outfit the $300m precinct with the latest wireless telecommunications technology as part of the telecommunications-as-a-service (TaaS) shared capability push of the government. The initiative aims to change the way telecoms services are delivered, managed, and used by government agencies.

“The precinct will be a world-class facility and the telecommunications services provided will truly represent a new way of working for the ministry,” said Andrew Bridgman, the Ministry of Justice’s chief executive.

“Our people in Christchurch will be able to work flexibly using secure ICT services without being bound to their desks. The mobile connectivity will improve the flow of information throughout the Precinct from front counters to busy court rooms, improving the service we deliver to the judiciary and our stakeholders while creating a more consistent experience for our customers,” he said.

He also added that the technologies will allow agencies to easily collaborate with other agencies and customers that use multiple services at the precinct.

The precinct will house various agencies including the Ministry of Justice, New Zealand Police, Department of Corrections, New Zealand Fire Service, and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. Handover for the complex is expected to be on 30 June, delayed from the previous 31 March planned date. Fit-out will begin after handover.

Jolie Hodson, Spark Digital chief executive, said that technology to be outfitted to the precinct is updatable.

“The underlying infrastructure being installed and the equipment being provided for the ministry’s people are designed so that services can be easily and seamlessly updated, allowing the precinct to continue innovating as technology develops into the future,” said Hodson.

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