Chief Justice’s Chambers provides details on QC call to Inner Bar ceremonies

by Duffie Osental13 Feb 2019

The Chief Justice's Chambers has revealed details of the ceremonies for calling the newly appointed Queen's Counsel to the Inner Bar. 

According to the New Zealand Law Society, the locations for all ceremonies are the Number One High Court (the Ceremonial Number One courtroom in the old High Court in Wellington), and full ceremonial dress of wigs and gowns is preferable.

The counsel to be called are listed in order of call.


18 February, 3 p.m.:

· Paul John Dale

· Maria Jean Dew

· Vivienne Anne Crawshaw

· Belinda Le Sellars

· Robert James Hollyman


21 February, 4 p.m.:

· Fiona Guy Kidd


22 February, 4 p.m.:

· Margaret Anne Stevens


25 February, 4 p.m.:

· James Richard Rapley

· Anthony James Frank Wilding.


27 February, 4 p.m.:

· Andru Isac