Blockchain's legal challenges discussed at upcoming Summit

by NZ Lawyer21 Mar 2018

Almost a decade after it was first invented, blockchain is slowly making its way into everyday transactions, as big businesses such as Microsoft start accepting virtual currency payments.

But there is still very little law regulating cryptocurrencies in New Zealand.

What happens when disputes and issues arise?

In his session at the Legal Tech Summit in June, Chris Linton, Partner, Duncan Cotterill, will use practical examples to explore the following key elements of blockchain in this interactive workshop:            

  • What is blockchain? Exploring the distributed ledger system
  • Can an ‘indelible record’ really be achieved?
  • Practical examples of blockchain technology in action
  • What are the challenges for blockchain in a legal context?

There will also be sessions on artificial intelligence, smart contracts and cyber security. More information about the program can be found online and registrations are now open.

NZ Lawyer readers are encouraged to register early to take advantage of the Super Saver rates currently on offer.

The Legal Tech Summit will be held at the Hilton Auckland on Thursday 28 June.