Bell Gully reports nearly $1m in pro bono contributions for 2017

by Sol Dolor14 Jul 2018

Bell Gully contributed just under $1m in pro bono services to the community in 2017.

The figure comes from the ninth edition of the top firm’s pro bono and community report, which also revealed that the firm acted in 164 matters and contributed 2,394 hours.

Bell Gully said that 28 partners were involved in the pro bono efforts of the firm in 2017. It lawyers and staff helped 59 pro bono clients. Three local community law centres also benefitted from $191,123 in help.

“Many of the charitable organisations we partner with work tirelessly raising awareness for groups in society that are marginalised and unheard. They strive to give them a voice and the practical support they need to thrive,” said Wellington partner Hugh Kettle, who chairs the firm’s pro bono committee.

The causes Bell Gully supported in 2017 included programs that help with health issues such as mental illnesses, AIDS, and cancers; support the homeless, refugees, and the vulnerable; and boost environmental conservation.


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