Barrister appointed to Government Superannuation Appeals Board

by NZ Lawyer23 May 2014
Clifton Chambers barrister, Karen Radich, has been appointed as a member of the Government Superannuation Appeals Board, according to the Minister of Finance.

The Wellington-based barrister tells NZ Lawyer she’s excited about the opportunity, but unsure about how it will impact her workload.

“I will be able to answer this question better in a year’s time!  As I am a barrister, my workload is manageable though – because it is up to me to decide how many and what type of instructions I accept at any particular time,” says Radich. “I anticipate there being plenty of notice, as with most cases, when an appeal is going to be heard.”  

The appointment, which commenced on May 1, is a statutory appointment for a three-year term. 

“For me, this is an opportunity to provide a public service in addition to continuing with my legal practice – now that I have 20 years’ experience under my belt,” she says. 

“For lawyers interested in such appointments, I suggest they register on The Treasury board appointments website: 

For women lawyers, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs also has a database of candidates.  I have been approached by MWA a number of times now regarding various opportunities, as a result of being on their list: