Auckland lawyer wins bison dung throwing competition

by Sol Dolor13 Jul 2016
When Auckland lawyer Kingi Snelgar completed a Master of Laws programme from Harvard University, he probably didn’t think he’d also get the distinction of being the first non-American to win a bison dung throwing contest at a community festival.

According to a report from Stuff, Snelgar entered the contest at this year’s Fur Trade Days event of the city of Chadron, Nebraska upon the recommendation of friends who thought it would give him a real American experience.

Before he knew it, the lawyer bested local farmer-types at the 40th holding of the event with a throw of 110 feet 10 inches.

He took home the winner’s trophy which was a piece of dung spray painted gold.

“I don't know how that will go through Customs,” Snelgar told the publication.

He also said that it is the first time he has competed in an event like this and that the extent of prior experience he has is just “a bit of cricket”.

The lawyer revealed that he was just watching the other competitors’ throws to try to learn from them.
“I was watching the technique of some of the guys. It's kind of like a discuss. I just watched what they were doing and tried to throw it as hard as I could,” Snelgar said. “There is some skill involved in picking the right piece of dung, I guess.”

Snelgar is currently working as a judge’s clerk at the Oglala Sioux Tribal Court in Pine Ridge, South Dakota after finishing his master’s degree specialising in international human rights, criminal justice and indigenous rights.

The lawyer studied in Harvard with girlfriend Kiri Toki on Fulbright scholarships. They both graduated with law degrees from Auckland University and worked at Auckland law firms before studying in the US.