• It’s all about balance by Hannah Norton

    Balancing the proper application of takeovers regulation and commercial reality is a key challenge for NZ’s takeovers activity enforcer, its chairperson says.

  • NZ Law Society v AG? by Hannah Norton

    The NZ Law Society and the Attorney General are at odds about proposed legislation which the Society feels could impact constitutional rights.

  • Lighter side: Lawyer posts law degree for sale on Craigslist by Samantha Woodhill

    A Florida attorney has posted and advertisement for the sale of his law degree on classifieds site, Craigslist.

  • “All New Zealanders should be very worried” - Law Society by Hannah Norton

    A new bill will allow a person to be tried and convicted of a criminal offence without seeing all the information relied on by the Crown and without the right to be present, the NZ Law Society says.

  • How strong are our IP laws? by Hannah Norton

    New Zealand's creative industries are potentially losing billions of dollars a year because the laws are not tight enough, according to one Australian IP expert. But two of NZ’s leading IP lawyers disagree.

  • Landmark study investigates NZ mediation market by Miklos Bolza

    New research on the commercial mediation sector in New Zealand sheds light on an industry which has yet to be fully explored