90-day trial offered for bespoke professional legal obligations tool

by Sol Dolor26 Aug 2016
LexisNexis is offering Lexis Practical Guidance free for 90 days to current customers who may want to try the tool which provides bespoke information on legal obligations and legislation application.
Practical Guidance helps professionals understand their particular legal obligations that stem from their unique contexts and how specific laws in their practice apply to certain tasks.
According to LexisNexis, the modules available through the tool are specifically tailored to the needs of professionals in specialist industries.
Having access to personalized information such as what’s available through the tool helps professionals and those who advise them manage their risk effectively. The tool which is regularly updated also has the advantage of being accessible 24/7.
Two Practical Guidance modules – Governance and Insurance – are included in the trial.
The renowned Hesketh Henry commercial law firm which specialises in insurance construction, commercial property, M&A, employment, dispute resolution, and maritime law worked on the Insurance module.
Partners Nick Gillies and Christina Bryant led the law firm’s writing team for the tailored Insurance module. Gillies and Bryant – who are part of Hesketh Henry’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team – are experts on insurance and construction law and insurance, construction and medico law, respectively.
Meanwhile, the Governance module was penned by Dennis Murray, CEO of MyLawGuide (MLG). The lawyer who is a business journalist with the NZ Herald and NBR is formerly the CEO of Intuto and a senior executive at CCH.
MLG is a knowledge resource for people in business to find the specific legal information they need quickly and easily, LexisNexis noted. Written in plain English, MLG distils large amounts of technical legal material down to its essence, enabling people to find what they need to know and disregard the rest.
Lexis Practical Guidance has been successfully launched in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.