• From High Court to high fashion: Yuge Bromley by Mackenzie McCarty

    Yuge Bromley was busy launching her career as a criminal defense and commercial litigation lawyer when an unexpected event led her to drop everything and start up a fashion label

  • Sir Edmund Thomas: A tribute to Sir Owen Woodhouse by NZ Lawyer

    Sir Edmund Thomas paid the following tribute to Sir Owen Woodhouse at a symposium held at the Law School at the University of Auckland on 13 December, 2007, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Woodhouse Report. Sir Owen Woodhouse was present. He died on April 15th this year and his funeral is being held today.

  • Expanding firm bolsters Auckland partnership by Mackenzie McCarty

    Wynn Williams has announced the acceptance of two new partners to its Auckland office, along with a bevy of other appointments

  • Why well paid lawyers struggle to manage their own finances by Mackenzie McCarty

    Many lawyers earn high salaries, so why are so many struggling to save for retirement?

  • New Zealand to host inaugural Justice Symposium by NZ Lawyer

    Justice Minister Judith Collins has announced that justice experts will converge on Wellington this week for New Zealand's first Leading Justice Symposium

  • Crowd funding: 'Small offers and big brother' by NZ Lawyer

    Chapman Tripp representatives say businesses that acquire more than 50 shareholders through the new crowd funding exclusions under the FMCA may be subject to the “big end of town” requirements of the Financial Reporting Act