• Chapman Tripp advises on US$60 million capital raising round by NZ Lawyer

    Chapman Tripp has announced its involvement in a recent US$60 million capital raising round, which it says attracted investors from the likes of Mitsui, Warehouse founder Stephen Tindall's K1W1 fund, Siemens and more

  • Global M&A activity smashes records by

    The total value of first quarter Global M&A transactions in 2014 has marked a significant improvement on 2013 M&A activity

  • Biggest reason for partner moves revealed by Peter Godfrey

    An international survey on partner satisfaction has revealed the main reason partners change firms and why 80% would do it all again

  • Five minutes with...Michael Shanahan, Anderson Creagh Lai by NZ Lawyer

    Michael Shanahan is a director at Auckland firm Anderson Creagh Lai, specialising in corporate/commercial law and M&A. He tells us about his impressive family history in the profession and why he’d like to have a deceased Formula One driver over for dinner

  • [Lighter Side] Coffee v Beer: Which one really helps you work smarter? by NZ Lawyer

    We're going to take a stab in the dark here and say that most lawyers probably prefer a dose of caffeine first thing in the morning over a handle of lager, but it turns out both substances can have a beneficial impact on your work. The trick? As always, all things in moderation...

  • NZ Lawyer magazine subscription update by NZ Lawyer

    The first edition of NZ Lawyer's revamped print edition is hitting desks as we speak. In case you're wondering where your copy is, here's a brief overview of our new subscription system works...