• Crowd funding: 'Small offers and big brother' by NZ Lawyer

    Chapman Tripp representatives say businesses that acquire more than 50 shareholders through the new crowd funding exclusions under the FMCA may be subject to the “big end of town” requirements of the Financial Reporting Act

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    A recent Australian report has indicated there are too many law students and not near enough jobs available for when they graduate - but does this translate into the New Zealand context? And what's the point of a law degree, anyway?

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    Are you a lawyer thinking of working in London for a few years? You should probably be looking somewhere else instead

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    Staff at a prominent UK law firm have been caught drinking beer in the ladies, according to local reports

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    New Zealand Law Society president, Chris Moore, has this morning responded to the death of celebrated jurist Sir Owen Woodhouse, saying his "compassion and generous approach to life was always present"