Sophie Schroder

Soon after graduating from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Communication Studies (journalism major) in 2008, Sophie packed up her bags and moved to Wellington where she writes for Australasian Lawyer, and NZ Lawyer.
While there, Sophie was lucky enough to be offered a job at one of New Zealand's (now few and far between) independent newspapers, Capital Times.
As the capital city's arts and culture weekly, the paper kept the public informed about all of Wellington's happenings, from politics and current affairs, to music and art exhibitions.
During Sophie's time there, her goal was to strengthen the political and news section of the paper, and she wrote a variety of expository stories focused on local council.
Sophie worked as a journalist at Capital Times for a year before being offered the role as Acting Editor. Being thrown in the deep end like that was a wonderful way for me to hone my subbing and management skills.

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